Why Choose Us?


American Generator Services stands behind its work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We service Commercial Generators Repair Davie FL and have been around for over 15 years. We are also a Diesel Generator Maintenance Company and offer all services needed on a yearly basis.

We also service Miami’s National Hurricane Center and their generator maintenance and generator service. If they trust us to do the job right, so can you!

AGS has developed two industry firsts to provide you with independent, unbiased, risk assessments based upon your needs and budget.

The first risk assessment is a 122 point inspection of your organizations existing generator system. AGS’s standard fee for this service is $675. You are welcome to call our office to see if we are offering any promotional pricing on these services, which we may do from time to time.

The second risk assessment is for those organizations which know they are at risk if their generator set fails. Such organizations want an even higher degree of assurance that they are ready or anticipate potential future problems.

You expect your emergency back-up power system, to start every time! However, only proper maintenance will help make that happen. If the proper maintenance is not performed expect that the starting and /or charging systems will fail at some time in the future.

So Why Choose AGS?

Because you would have to be an absolute fool to have any other generator maintenance company service your emergency backup power system, regardless of price.

If you’re Curious About Emergency Backup Power Systems or have a Specific Need…

 Call (954) 278-3900 Now to schedule your assessment or to receive a risk FREE no obligation detailed list of the 122 point inspection we will assess on your behalf.

How Confident Are You?

Our “Comprehensive Diagnostic Analysis” is designed to indicate if your engine or generator are exhibiting the proven characteristics that eventually result in generator set failure. Why wouldn’t you want to know? Click here if you would like to schedule a free consultation and “Comprehensive Diagnostic Analysis” regarding your emergency backup power system.

Why Wouldn’t You Want To Know

We can’t evaluate all the risks to your organization in the event of a power failure. However, we can accurately asses the risks with  your organizations existing generator set!